10 questions for every migration

Q: 為什麼要用新的?Why change to new service?

Q: 新的有那些功能? 解決那些問題?What features does new service have? and what problem will it solve?

Q: 新的如何上手使用?How to use new service?

Q: 舊的用戶如何切換至新的工具?How do old users switch to new service?

Q: 舊的資料如何備份並匯入新的?How to migrate old data to new service?

Q: 舊的使用方法如何一一改用新的方法處理?How to replace each old usage with new service’s usage?

Q: 有那些舊的功能是新的没有的?可接受?What old features are not covered by new service? Is it acceptable?

Q: 若轉換成功,之後如何讓舊的逐步退場?If migration success, how to deprecated old service?

Q: 若轉換失敗,之後如何回復到舊的方法?If migration failed, how to rollback to old service?

Q: 新的是否有秘密鎖定的問題?如何避免?Will we get lock-in problem with new service? How to avoid?