gaim-blogger is a gaim’s plugin to blogging directly via Gaim.
It’s really funny and creative. 🙂
The idea might become a killer feature. Imagine that if we could read, write, and notify not only blogs but also RSS/ATOM seeds, the latency to open a blog-viewer will be reduced and the instantaneity will be improved.
Gaim and its plugins are great, isn’t it. 🙂

gaim-blogger是一個gaim上的外掛程式, 他能讓你透過Gaim的即時傳訊來blogging.
這個特色有可能可以擴展成一個殺手級的應用. 想像一下, 如果我們不只能讀,寫,提示blogs,還能應用到RSS/ATOM的發佈上, 那麼開blog-viewer的時間就被省下, 即時性也更好.
想想, Gaim跟一堆plugins真是了不起, 不是嗎 🙂

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